Who buys stock images?

We sell imagery to thousands of designers, marketers, publishers, corporate and many more. Image sales vary, customers buy directly online or with support from our customer service teams. Your image could be sold to someone wanting an image on the wall in their office, to an educational, publisher wanting an image for a text book, or a corporate company working on a huge ad campaign.

What type of images do you sell?

We sell stock photos. We have an extensive collection of every type of image, from everyday stock to niche subjects and locations. We want you to send us all of your images, mainstream or specialist, editorial or creative.

What marketing does AksMaster do to promote my images?

We market AksMaster images in lots of different ways. We do targeted e-marketing campaigns to our customers and new business prospects, showcasing our collection.

  1. Our social media – including FacebookInstagram
  2. Other printed materials including postcards, trade stands for events, etc.

Our Online Marketing team also work really hard to get your images and our name out there, including SEO work to appear in Google images and other search engines.

We also believe customer service and good relationships are really important and invest large amounts of effort and time providing an excellent service to image buyers.

What do you pay? When can i start earning money?

Every time someone buys your still images, we pay you a fixed rate of 25%.

What is Royalty-Free licensing?

Royalty-free (RF) imagery is licensed non-exclusively for any use, in perpetuity, for a one-time fee, allowing maximum flexibility for customers in an easy to understand license model

Do I retain the copyright of the work I submit?

Yes. You can only submit images where you are the copyright holder or authorized representative. You will retain the copyright of all images you submit to us.

Do I need permission from the people, property or locations featured in my imagery before I submit them to you?

Yes, as a contributor, you must have written permission from the people, property or locations featured in your imagery, wherever required, using Model and Property releases. And you must provide to AksMaster a copy of it whenever you are asked for.

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

After you have emailed us your application to become our Contributor, our team will review and will respond to your application within 3 business days.